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Welcome to Chinese Medicine Peterborough!  Now that you’ve booked your appointment here’s some helpful information to make your first visit to the clinic easy and comfortable.


The new patient health history forms are available here for you to download, print and fill out to bring to your first appointment.  If you used the online booking system, a link to the forms was automatically emailed to you with your appointment confirmation.  If you are unable to complete the forms at home, please come 10-15 minutes early to your appointment to fill them out at the clinic. They are available in the waiting room.


Before your appointment it’s a good idea to have a small snack.  Avoid coming to your appointment feeling overly full or starving for best results.  Also, it’s a good idea to avoid caffeine, recreational drugs and alcohol before your appointment and strenuous exercise for approximately 4 hours after your treatment.

Wear comfortable loose clothing that is easy to roll up over elbows and knees.

Please bring a list of any current medication or supplements taken. This is particularly important for patients wanting an herbal formula.

Avoid wearing any strong scents, perfumes, lotions etc.  Many patients are sensitive to strong smells, particularly pregnant women and those with allergies.



Please make yourself comfortable in the waiting room.  Your practitioner will come and get you when it’s time. 

Please remove any wet footwear.  Slippers are provided.

Help yourself to some water, or herbal tea.  It’s best not to be treated on an empty stomach, so if you haven’t eaten for several hours and your tummy is grumbling, please help yourself to a granola bar or some fruit as you wait.

We ask that you kindly put your cell phone on silence and speak quietly to avoid disturbing other patients receiving treatment.


What to expect for your first treatment?  Your health history form will be thoroughly reviewed with you and further questions will be asked to better understand the underlying reasons for your health concerns.  You will be asked to stick out your tongue, and your pulse will be felt on both wrists.  In addition, your practitioner will palpate any painful area, may test your range of motion, take your blood pressure and palpate your abdomen. 

Treatment options will be recommended based on information gathered, including the length and frequency of treatment needed.  You will have lots of opportunity to ask questions. 

Your first appointment will take 75-90 minutes, and includes a treatment.  Follow up treatments that include acupuncture are 45 minutes in length.

Still have more questions?  Our “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) section may help.


The clinic is located at 308 Charlotte St, on the northwest corner of Charlotte and Rubridge streets.  There is a municipal parking lot located behind the building, or if you’re lucky you can find free parking along Rubridge (north of Charlotte) or on Simcoe St.  There is a bus stop steps away from the clinic entrance as well.


We are located on the 2nd floor of Synergystix.  You can enter through the side door on Rubidge St. (329) across from the Publican Restaurant.  If you come in another door there are signs inside the building to direct you up the stairs to the waiting room. 

Please note:  If you have mobility issues and are unable to manage climbing a flight of stairs (13 stairs to be exact), please call the clinic to make special arrangements to be treated on the main floor.  We will do our best to accommodate you.  It is important to call in advance, as it is unlikely that a room will be available on the main floor last minute. 

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